Does iOS 17.0.3 reduce iPhone 15 Pro performance to fix overheating issue?

Apple recently released iOS 17.0.3 and iPadOS 17.0.3. Although the iOS update is available on all compatible iPhones, it primarily resolves the iPhone 15 Pro overheating issue. 

iPhone 15 Pro Max - ios 17.0.3

The new iPhone 15 series shipped with iOS 17 version. However, several iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max reported that the devices were running warmer than expected immediately after taking them out of the boxes. For some users, the smartphone overheated up to 116° Fahrenheit and could not even be held.

Addressing the issue, Apple the company reassured that the overheating issue was not a security risk and would not have any long-term impact on the devices’ performance. The company Apple blamed a bug in iOS 17 and third-party apps like Instagram, Uber, and Asphalt 9 for iPhone 15 models getting hotter than expected and promised to fix the software issue in a future update without reducing performance.

iOS 17.0.3 might have fixed the iPhone 15 overheating issue without affecting performance

App crashing and other issues are not experienced on devices after updating to iOS 17.0.3. For iPhone 15 performance, it appears that Apple has not reduced or throttled it. Here are the Geekbench 6 scores after updating the iPhone 15 Pro Max to the latest iOS 17.0.3 version.

iPhone 15 Pro Max iOS 17.0.2iOS 17.0.3
CPU scoreSingle-core: 2928
Multi-core: 7410
Single-core: 2939
Multi-core: 7375
GPU score2717727428

With the exception of slight variations in the Geekbench scores, the performance on the new iPhone 15 models is the same as before. This means iOS 17.0.3 might have fixed the iPhone 15 overheating issue without affecting performance.

We can not say definitely if the issue is resolved because the update is fairly new, and users will require a few more days to test it thoroughly.

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