iPhone 13 notch: 20% smaller but slightly taller than iPhone 12’s notch

During its California Streaming event, Apple announced that the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have a notch that is 20% smaller than iPhone 12 and older models. This has been the first time that Apple has reduced the size that the notch occupies while keeping the same TrueDepth camera system. The company achieved this by moving the speaker above the camera system. However, it seems that the 20% smaller space comes at a price.

iPhone 13 notch

iPhone 13 notch is smaller but not small enough

As noted by Parker Ortolani on Twitter, the notch has definitely reduced in size when compared to iPhone 12, however, it is ever so slightly taller than before. This can be seen in the comparison image by Parker in which he overlays an iPhone 13 over an iPhone 12 to show the difference.

Of course, this minor difference is not enough to impact anybody’s usage but then again, neither is the 20% reduction in size which Apple specially announced during the event. If anything, Apple should have not announced this change and given it attention. Most customers would rather not have a notch at all, however, rumors suggest that we will have to wait until next year as iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to get rid of the notch and camera bump, as per Jon Prosser.

Note that the notch is 20% smaller on all the new iPhone 13 models. Just putting it out there in case this impacts anyone’s purchase decision.

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