Top iOS 15 features that you should try right now: Focus mode, Live Text, Notification Summary and more

Apple has released iOS 15 to all users with new features like Focus Mode, revamped notifications, iCloud+, Live Text, improvements to Siri and Spotlight search, and numerous enhancements to built-in apps like Weather, FaceTime, Messages, Maps, Health, and more. Here are the top iOS 15 feature you should try right now.

iOS 15

Top iOS 15 features that you should try right now

Focus Mode

Focus Mode is a new way to personalize your device based on what you are currently doing with four main categories: Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work, and Sleep. The feature uses on-device intelligence to suggest apps and people you want to allow notifications from in a Focus. Home Screen pages can also be customized to match your apps and widgets to a specific Focus

iOS 15 Focus mode

Live Text

Live Text makes text interactive in your photos so you can copy and paste, look up, and translate in Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look, Safari, and live previews with Camera. The Apple Neural Engine and Camera app use on-device intelligence to quickly recognize and copy text so that you can share the data via messages, save it in the Notes app, call a pizza place to place an order, book an appointment, and much much more.

iOS 15 Live Text

Notification Summary

In addition to redesigned notifications, iOS 15 also features Notification Summary which divides your notifications into two lists based on priority. Non-time-critical notifications are collected to be delivered based on a schedule you set. On-device intelligence based on your interaction with apps is used to arrange Notifications Summary so that the most relevant notifications are placed at the top.

iOS 15 Notification Summary

New FaceTime features

FaceTime has received a ton of new features in iOS 15. The app now supports Spatial Audio, making it easier to determine who is speaking in a group call.  Additionally, voice isolation detects background noise and tries to suppress it so that you can hear the person you are talking to more clearly. Apple has also added portrait mode to FaceTime which can automatically blur your background. The update also features a new Grid View which will help reorganize the call and make it easier to see everyone at once.

iOS 15 FaceTime Portrait

One of the biggest features of iOS 15 is cross-platform support for FaceTime. You can now generate a FaceTime link and it with others. The link will work in web browsers meaning users with Android devices and Windows desktops will be able to join a FaceTime call. Learn how to make a FaceTime call to Android users on iOS 15 here.

Weather app

The Weather app has been completely revamped in iOS 15. Along with a new design that features animated backgrounds that more accurately represent the sun position, clouds, and precipitation, the app now shows details on wind speeds, UV index, and barometric pressure. Next-hour precipitation notifications are also available to alert you when rain or snow is about to start or stop in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

iOS 15 Weather app

Learn how to upgrade an iPhone or iPad to iOS 15/iPadOS 15 here.

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