Latest watchOS 7 leaks report long-awaited sleep tracking features

Apple is preparing to make big changes to its upcoming watchOS 7 for Apple Watch Series 6. Recent leaks based on iOS 14 code from Protocol report that watchOS 7 will finally be equipped with native sleep tracking features. Long time leaker Fudge @choco_bit on Twitter shared information about the upcoming update too.

Apple has been focusing on improving health-related apps and promoting a healthy lifestyle with its products. Apple Watch’s sleep tracking feature has been in the rumor mill for many months. Here is everything we know about watchOS 7’s upcoming health feature.

Sleep tracking feature in watchOS 7

Fudge states that users would wear their smartwatches to bed, therefore, Apple Watch must be at least 30% charged for night-long sleep tracking. To make sure that the device has enough battery power, automatic reminders would be sent to the user to recharge their watches before going to sleep. I will personally like reminders to just charge my Apple Watch because I frequently forget to.

As per reported functionality, enabling sleep tracking would turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and dim Watch’s display for uninterrupted good night’s sleep. The feature will also prompt users to turn off their alarm and sleep mode when they wake up before the set alarm time. watchOS 7 will also include personalization features in the Health app to improve sleep quality and duration.

The company would also include a button for sleep mode in watchOS 7’s Control Center. There is no news on whether the new sleep tracking will be exclusive for Apple Watch Series 6, or if it will arrive on older models as well.

Native sleep tracking has been a much-requested feature by many Apple Watch users. Apart from these updates, Apple will also be focusing on including parental controls for children, brand new watch faces, fitness apps, panic detection, and blood and oxygen level detection.

Apple watch sleep tracking features 1 watchOS 7

The company is likely to include these updates in watchOS 7, expected to release later this year. We will know more about the upcoming features at Apple’s annual WWDC 2020 event on June 22.

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