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How to fix Windows Store not loading error 0xD000000D

Windows Store

Windows has a habit of showcasing unpredictable behavior after major updates. One of these issues happened recently with yours truly, when Windows Store stopped working after the Windows 10 Creators Update. The error number that showed in the Windows Store app was 0xD000000D. Luckily, after a bit of research, the fix seemed simple.

Load websites faster in Google Chrome using these extensions

Web Boost for Chrome

Modern day websites use a number of frameworks like jQuery to provide a good user experience to users. This means that the framework libraries to be fetched from different links every time a website loads. One way to speed this up is to for web developers to reduce server requests which helps load websites faster. However, there are a few new …

iTunes 12.4 brings design updates and fixes music deletion bug

iTunes 12.4 brings minor UI updates and fixes music deletion bug

iTunes 12.4 is now available for OS X and Windows with user interface updates, sidebar view in library, bug fixes and more. The previous icon based switcher for music, movies and other categories has been changed to a drop down menu, backward and forward navigation buttons have been added and the Library sidebar has also …