Presenting 8 Problems with iPhone 4


Since the launch of iPhone 4, many issues have been reported with it such as reception issues when you touch its antenna band. It also has some display discoloration issue but Apple says they go away with time.The glass (front and back) of iPhone 4 is shattered if you drop it from average height and some are saying it has also some proximity issues which are causing hang ups during calls. So, seeing all these problems, teqnolog has shared an amazing image in which they have highlighted the eight problems of iPhone 4.


Although iPhone 4 does have some issues, this image criticizes it a little too much. It is expected that the antenna band ‘death grip’ issue of iPhone 4 would be solved with iOS 4.01 update this Monday.

[via teqnolog]

  • Bill

    Is there Anybody who can help me fix my iphone4 prob? same with cassandra and district-H. when a voice call was made (incoming and outgoing calls), the caller on the other line cannot hear me but i can hear them. Anyone please…. Thanks alot and i will appreciate recommendations.

  • Eric

    i think the i phone 4 is great, may have a couple problems but com on guys , dont almost all electronics put out in stores months before they should have problems? exactly, iphone 4 bitch

  • Cool Shanker

    i bet 3 years continue use and iphone 4 is dead cause it uses 50%cpu and 60% memory on standby thats why its battery life is teriible

    i no fool i no iphone

  • steve

    Can anyone help me out please,i have a problem with my iphone 4 and it is driving me around the twist so any help please!!!!!!!! I can send and receive text messages but for a real strange reason i cant not text one of my friends from my phone i have deleted it,edited it and put it back on my phone loads of times but still can not text them???does anyone else have this problem with their phone or is it just me????any help please.

  • Zaeed

    thanks for all your info on iphone 4, i was about to buy 1 tomorrow now i will get BB 9780.

  • Hankin

    is anybody know how comes after download the cydia source but can’t find it on setting apps ?

  • Andrew

    My home button keep sticking and alot of the time it doesnt wotk can any1 HELP ME !!!!

    • Marie

      I have the same problem with the home button sticking. Then the whole phone locks up and I

  • Angela

    My new iPhone 4 shows faces in photos and vids only as if they are negatives! Also, the colours, if they appear at all, are all wrong – my red floor rug showed up as lime green and the mid brown cupboard doors showed up as bright blue. Are there more ways on the phone to adjust these things? I can find only the Brightness control and that’s done nothing useful. Have I bought a lemon or what?
    Secondly, the battery seems to run out quite quickly: 11% in 30 mins, from being fully charged.
    No wonder Telstra has been having a sale of its iPhone 4 stock.

  • anmol

    my iphone restart automaticaly and i take about 25 min to start and it hangs too

  • Tissy

    My home button sticks also! It’s really ticking me off. Anyone find out what’s wrong?

  • Sandy

    Contact list in my iphone4 suddenly froze and I can’t call/select any names and I can’t even check any missed calls, could anyone please help with the problem? what should I do?

  • RoberrYjakkii

    Apple sukks …. period.