New iOS 14 privacy policies will heavily impact ads and small businesses, warns Facebook

Recently, there has been a war of words taking place between Facebook and Apple. This week, Facebook criticized Apple with full-page ads in U.S. newspapers because of the new upcoming iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency changes. 

The new guidelines require apps to provide an option for users to not be tracked across the web. After Apple provided a response to Facebook’s ad campaign, the social media giant started to warn iOS users in its official apps regarding the ‘significant’ changes to advertisements.

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Facebook warns users about the impacts on ads due to the iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency changes

As confirmed by 9to5Mac and many users, Facebook is promoting banners on some of its iOS apps, calling out Apple for the changes in iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency changes. The company is using banners in Facebook Ad Manager and Facebook Business Suite to deliver the message.

When opening either one of the two apps by Facebook, users are greeted with a message highlighted at the top of the screen regarding an ‘Upcoming impact to your marketing efforts.’

Upon pressing Learn More, the app opens an article by Facebook in which the company states that the policies announced by Apple at WWDC 2020 for iOS 14 will ‘harm the growth of business and the free internet’.

Facebook has been taking a swing at Apple ever since the company made an estimation that advertising revenue could very well drop by between 50% and 60% because of the new privacy features. Facebook is one of the companies that will be heavily impacted by Apple’s new privacy policies because its social networks depend on ads and personal data from users. This would explain why Facebook is showing these messages in its iOS apps, as it wants to get audience support to revert Apple’s decision.


Apple has clearly stated that it does not want to push Facebook to alter its business practices, rather the company wants Facebook to be more transparent about the way it collects data from users and eventually to let the users decide if they want to offer that specific data or not.

Facebook announced that it is hosting a public webinar on January 7, 2021, in which it will explain why the company stands against Apple’s privacy rules. The webinar will consist of Facebook executives discussing the iOS 14 policy changes and the significant impact on professionals and users working with Facebook.

Tim Cook presented his opinion on Twitter on this matter on December 18 that, ‘users should have the choice over the data that is being collected to them’. Seems like the battle between the companies will last a while.

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