iPhone 12 production faces delay, reports The Wall Street Journal

Apple’s iPhone 12 is facing production delay according to The Wall Street Journal. Scheduled for September release later this year, the new flagship iPhone is behind in production by a month. The delay is due to disruptions in supply chain cause by lockdowns and implementation of precautionary measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 worldwide.

Delay in production might result in delay in launch as well but not necessarily. Apple launched the new iPhone SE and Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro this month, as per schedule amidst numerous rumors of delays.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Leaked Design

Other reports on iPhone 12 launch in September

Speculation on possible delay for the launch of the new iPhone 12 series have been circulating in the industry. A few days ago, renowned tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that all four models of the new flagship iPhone would face delays in production. His list of possibly delayed iPhone 12 models included variants with mmWave technology for faster 5G connectivity. Although he stated the change in antenna design as the reason for delay, the closure of the lab responsible for qualification process services, due to COVID-19, corroborates this claim of pandemic related production delays.

In March, analysts at JP Morgan predicted a delay in iPhone 12’s launch and release dates by 1 or 2 months. The disturbance in the release schedule was indirectly related to travel restrictions imposed in coronavirus pandemic which were a deterrent in testing and development phase of the product. As standard procedure, Apple flies its engineers from around the world to China to oversee issues and work out solutions in early phases of development before mass production begins.

However, a DigiTimes report said that Apple’s confident Taiwanese printed circuit board (PCB) suppliers negate analysts reports by stating that production is moving as per schedule and the company has not hinted at any delays.

There has been speculation that Apple is looking to delay the launch of its next-generation iPhones due the impacts from the coronavirus pandemic, but its PCB suppliers say they have not received any notification from the client about delaying production for the 5G iPhone.

Taiwan’s PCB makers in the supply chain of 5G iPhones have denied reports claiming they have been asked to postpone volume production by two months in line with a likely launch delay for Apple’s new-generation devices amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to industry sources.

New flagship iPhone 12 design and other details

Possibly with a new iPad Pro like design, the next-generation iPhone 12 is rumored to be a futuristic-looking device with larger display, reduced bezels and smaller notch on the outside, and a faster A14 chip on the inside. Leaks claim that iPhone 12 will be available in 4 models, with iPhone 12 Pro in 6.7 inch and 6.1 inch sizes with sensor shift image stabilization, for refined image. You can read the leaked details here.

iPhone 12

The prevailing and persisting COVID-19 pandemic has the entire world in its grip, therefore, to act like business is as usual will not be a wise choice. To ensure the public’s safety. work, education, and socializing has been confined to the virtual world in the premises of homes. Apple’s workforce is developing and testing products from home while maintaining secrecy. Therefore, we will not be surprised is Apple’s innovative next-generation smartphone, iPhone 12, is delayed. But we will have to wait for an official announcement to be sure.

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