Apple Watch saves cyclist by calling 911 after he fell from electric bike

An Apple Watch has saved a cyclist’s life by calling 911 after detecting his fall after his electric bike crashed in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles. The prompt emergency call to 911 allowed respondents to arrive just in time to find the cyclist unconscious and bleeding from his head.

The cyclist received first aid treatment right away and was transported to a local hospital right after. He was provided treatment for a few days after which he was allowed to leave the hospital.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch fall detection saves cyclist’s life

The incident has been classified as an electric cycle crash, but the police said that some news making the rounds on social media have been claiming that it was a crime. The police have not commented further on their investigation with regards to the incident.

Apple Watch’s fall detection feature has been critical in calling emergency services in time so that the wearer can get assistance in time. Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 4 can detect a hard fall, and tap the wearer on the wrist along with an alert to check if they are ok. If the user responds, it stops the automatic call.

However, if the wearer does not move or respond to the alert, an automatic call is placed to the local emergency service and its location is shared. After the call, a message is also sent to the user’s emergency contact to let them know regarding the wearer’s hard fall.

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