Pokémon Go is now available in the United States

Gotta catch them all!


Put your shoes on and get outside, it’s Pokémon time.  The much anticipated animated game, Pokémon Go is now available in the USA.

Pokémon Go combines the world of animation with the real world by allowing gamers to search and collect their Pokémon in real-life settings. For example, once in the app, you can find Pokémon next to your microwave in the kitchen, waiting for you in the drive way or sitting across from you at your favorite diner. After spotting a Pokémon, you can capture it by throwing a Poké ball. But make sure you act quickly for Pokémon can get away if you delay the capture.


Besides the real-life adventure feature of the game, Pokémon Go offers a lot more. You can join any one of the three teams and engage in battles for possession of Gyms. You can also visit Pokéstop at interesting places to stock up Pokéballs and other helpful items, and much more. Read our previous coverage to find out how to play Pokemon Go.

Pokémon Go was released in the USA, after the initial rollout in Australia and New Zealand. It is available for iOS and Android for free and supports in-app purchases. iOS users can enjoy Pokémon Go on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.0 and above.

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