iOS 17 bug greys out contact images in Notifications Center on Lock Screen

Apple recently released iOS 17 to the general public. Though the rollout of the software update has been smooth for the most part, it does have issues like the greyed-out contact images in notifications impacting a few users.

We have compiled everything you need to know about this bug in this article; personal experience, user reports, and possible fixes.

ios 17 notifs greyed out

Before iOS 17 was officially released, the software update went through an extensive beta testing phase that spanned several months. During this period, developers and beta testers encountered some issues with glitchy notifications on their Lock Screen. It’s worth noting that these problems persisted even after the last beta update, which was iOS 17 Beta 8, released by Apple just before the wider release of iOS 17 to all users.

Here’s everything you need to know about greyed out notifications bug in iOS 17

I discovered this bug after updating my iPhone to iOS 17 and began investigating. It appeared that I was not the only one with the greyed out notifications issue. Check out some user reports from other iPhone owners experiencing this bug on various social media platforms.

Does anyone else have this iOS17 notification contact image bug that the image is grayed out?
byu/molekule187 inios

While this bug may not seem like that big of a deal to some users. I find it very bothersome and inconvenient. Notifications exist for a reason. They allow us to look at our Lock Screen and quickly check who messaged us, who liked our Instagram post, etc. Having to unlock my iPhone to get this information, which was previously available to me in a quick glance, is starting to get tedious.

Has iOS 17.0.2 resolved the greyed-out notifications bug?

I’ve updated my device to iOS 17.0.2 but unfortunately, the update has not fixed the greyed out contact images for notifications. 

I would like to point out that the bug does not impact every notification. Sometimes I get 20 notifications and only two of them are greyed out. Other times, most notifications I receive are affected. As for affected apps, there isn’t a pattern to that either, the bug impacts almost all of my third-party apps as well as Apple’s stock apps.

Possible fixes for greyed out contact images in notifications

To fix the issue, I have tried restarting my iPhone, even force restarting but to no avail. The issue has persisted. Adjusting Notification settings for different apps has not worked either.

You could try resetting the iPhone to factory settings, but for now, I am not bothered by the bug to that point. 

Now, I have no choice but to keep my fingers crossed, in the hopes that Apple releases a fix soon. As of right now, Apple has not acknowledged the issue so there’s no word on when a fix may arrive. 

If you faced this issue after updating to iOS 17, comment down below and let us know if there’s a possible fix we can try!

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