iPod Touch 4 Illustrations from Case Manufacturers Obtained – Shows Camera and Flash

There’s no doubt that iPod Touch users are anxiously waiting for the update of their beloved devices to get a camera. A website, HardMac has obtained illustrations of what seems to be a clear case for the next generation iPod Touch 4 that will be unveiled in September. According to HardMac, they have a reliable source and it is the same one which let out the secret of iPod Nano getting a camera last year. iPod Touch didn’t get a camera last year due to some ‘technical issues’.hardmac-100804

These reports conflict with the rumors of the next generation iPod Touch getting FaceTime support with a front facing camera. As for the front facing camera, we’ve seen leaked prototypes of the 3rd generation iPod Touch with a camera many times, so it’s about time that Apple includes this feature.

The fact that the design of these iPod Touch 4 illustrations don’t match the new glass front and back of iPhone 4 also put doubts in our mind as Apple likes to use the same design language on all its devices. Keeping this in mind, iPod Touch 4 should also have a glass front and back.

Whether these findings by HardMac are correct or not, we will find out next month, in September. We personally hope that FaceTime and a front facing camera do make the cut for iPod Touch 4 feature set.


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  • zaraly

    One thing to take note is the lack of the iTunes icon…
    An iPod is an iPod, enhance it as much as possible but, why does it need a camera & flash, like keep it nice & simple.

  • The UI shows iPhone OS 3.x or even lesser. That's just a mock up.
    It's true what you say about the iPod, but iPod Touch is more than just about music now. It's a pocket computer which can do excellent web browsing, be great for communication and social networking and even an entertaining little gaming console.

  • Diufid

    Those guys bidding on that E-Bay ipod touch currently at 3,150.00 are a real bunch of dumb ass suckers. More features will come out when the real one is issued to market and then they will feel real dumb ass!