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First picture of Microsoft’s Project Natal in the wild

Microsoft is gearing up to launch Project Natal this holiday season according to the latest news without any price announcements. What we know is that a lot of big names are preparing software titles to be available for Project Natal at launch – after all ‘it’s the software, stupid’. According to The Seattle Times, Microsoft …

Project Natal gets listed as one of the top inventions of 2009

Microsoft’s Project Natal just gained some more recognition. Time magazine has listed the much hyped motion-sensing control for video games as one of the top inventions of the year 2009. Knowing the technology as it is, there is no denying, that the yet to arrive motion sensing controller deserves to be listed as one of …

Microsoft might launch a handheld Xbox plus Phone

Shane Kim, corporate VP of Microsoft game studios has confirmed that there is a handheld device in the making, that would be somewhere in between the Xbox and Zune platforms. This actually means that Zune HD might not be that device, since it is the Zune platform.